Easy Snack Box Ideas for Toddlers

Yeah. I know you’re overwhelmed. There’s loaaaaaads of colors and effort put into these snack boxes. But let me tell you right now, it’s fairly easy to make. The moment you’re done frying those unhealthy hotdogs , you’ve probably finished packing these little babies. 

OKAY, some of the snacks featured here were baked, BUT note that I made those muffins and cupcakes as a batch. Therefore, all you have to do is keep them in the fridge and pop them into your child’s snack box, cut up some fruits and VOILA! Master Chef Mom on the loose!

If you don’t want to bake (or don’t have time) I’ll start with the super easy ones 🙂


  • Lunchbox (duh! preferrably one that comes with an adjustable separator like the one I have)
  • Silicon Cupcake Liners (The green square thingies on the photo)
  • cookie cutters in different shapes
  • Colorful Sprinkles
  • different colored spreads (strawberry jam, peanut butter, cheese spread, nutella, you name it!)
  • bread
  • fruits
  • optional: cornflakes, koko krunch, bread sticks etc

The key to making colorful snackboxes doesn’t really depend on the snacks contained therein, but on the containers used to hold them! 

Let’s try this one. I don’t have a dinosaur cutter so I shaped the dinosaur bread with a small pointed knife. The spots and eyes I made using marshmallow fondant. Local baking shops have different ready made designs like the one in the photo. BUT if you can’t find any, you can use MNM’s to design your dino 🙂 for the eyes and mouth, you can use an edible pen, chocolate chips, a small chunk of black olives, ketchup ,  OR anything that resembles eyes! I added shredded lettuce at the back and some gummy drops at the back for extra color. I added grapes on one silicon cupcake liner, and cornflakes on the other. Done! 

TO MAKE YOUR OWN MARSHMALLOW FONDANT (which is what I use to make ALL the details) just microwave a piece of marshmallow until gooey, and add powdered sugar. Knead it a little until it resembles soft clay. then add food color to dye it with whatever color u need. Now uou have edible clay for designs 🙂

On to the next one

I used a flower shaped cookie cutter to cut the wheat bread. I then spread a little nutella on top and sprinkled some colorful sprinkles over it. I used the same cookie cutter to hold the apple slices, and added orange slices on the green silicone cupcake liner. DONE! easy right?

uh oh, baking time. LOL.

OMG, these muffins are so easy to make, they’re ready in 30 minutes! make a big batch and you can have the family enjoy them OR give these little babies to your child 3 days in a row 🙂 the recipe is found in my blog under RECIPES. 

OR, buy macaroons or small cupcakes from your local bakery and use that instead. Is up to you. 

I added some cereal at the bottom to make it colorful. Fruits in the silicone liners and gummies in the other.

OKAY, I got a little excited with this one. It’s my son’s first day in school and I wanted to impress my son’s classmates and teachers. (I kinda liked the bragging rights my son earned after this hahaha)

they look complicated but they’re actually just PANCAKES. just make a pancake batter, divide the batter into 5 different bowls and add a drop of food color on each one. mix them and cook! Now you have colorful pancakes. Use your cookie cutters and cut cute animal shapes with it. Design your Pancakes with marshmallow fondant, cheese, chocolate chips for the eyes, WHATEVER YOU WANT. Be creative! 
I could go on and on with different ways on how to make a colorful snackbox but it really all comes down to how colorful your tools and ingredients are. you don’t have to make complicated designs. You can do away with simple sandwiches, or biscuits. just add a colorful spread and sprinkles! place it in a colorful cupcake line and you’re done! 

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