Carton Box Car for Toddlers 

Hi everyone! My son loves playing in carton boxes i take home from the grocery store. He uses the carton box as a fort, a firetruck, police car, airplane, you name it! So I decided to make him a firetruck out of it 🙂


  • Carton box (make sure it’s the right size for your child)
  • Cartolina Paper (in different colors. I bought white and red for the firetruck)
  • colored construction paper (in different colors. this is for the details)
  • scissors
  • glue/paste

1. First, you may want to consider what type of car/fort you’re making. I wanted to give the firetruck a little more edge so I decided to shape the hood like that of a real firetruck. BUT you don’t have to do this. You can skip this step if you want a simpler version 🙂

Using a ruler, mark 1/3 of the front of the car horizontally with a pen. Use a small cutter to trace the pen and fold it inwards. this will serve as the windshield. To secure the windshield in place, cut a triangle shape on both ends (where the windshield meets the end of both sides of the carton) and tape it.

HOWEVER, if you want to save time, skip this step and proceed with the STEP 2

2. Decide the color of your car. If you’re making a police car, go with black and white cartolina. I made a firetruck so I went with red and white. It’s easier if you have a photo reference to base the design on. Just google the type of car and copy it from there. Choose the dominant color (red for the firetruck) and cover all sides of the car with cartolina (like how you would when wrapping a gift) and secure it with tape or glue. 

3. Use the next dominant color. For the firetruck, the front part of it is white. Cover the front part with the white cartolina, making sure you measured it the same size as that of the box. secure it with glue/paste. 

4. Take out your colored paper and start cutting out the designs (the headlights, ladder, plate number etc) Be creative! I used the scotch tape as a guide to making the headlights.

5. Lastly, add the windshield. For the firetruck, there are two sides of the windshield so i have to cut the black colored paper into two. for other types of cars, you only need one. Cut it an inch smaller on all sides than the windshield. 

You’re done!

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