Hello there! I’m Kimmy and you’re on my little piece of heaven I call Manila Mom Cooks. I created this blog to encourage recipe sharing among parents (and perhaps, guardians) and to post my experiences as a mom to my 2 year old son, who I will be introducing to you later on. ❤️
As you explore the contents of my blog, you’ll find that I have added a few little things like the Where To Find Rare Ingredients in Manila tab, which features hard to find  ingredients that I have encountered throughout my journey in cooking and research.
I have been in the food business for 7 years. Our family owns a bakeshop called “Mylene’s Ensaymada & Banana Cake” and I have been making and designing customized cakes since 2011. I also own a business called The Healthy Lunchbox PH which is a food service provider following an all natural, no salt and low sugar diet plan.  This business is inspired by the baby recipes that I invented for my son, Johann, some of which you will find under the Recipes section of this blog.